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How to save cost in the cloud?

Ongoing cloud provider bills often make up a significant portion of your IT's operating expenses. Especially in large infrastructure landscapes, it becomes difficult to stay on top of what costs and services you are actually using. Costs hide in services like storage, compute, services, governance and forgotten environments. Sometimes cost can be temporarily reduced, but often significant long-term savings can be achieved quickly.


Quick identification of focus areas


Specific recommendations on cost reduction


Timely and lasting realization of cost savings


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How do our experts proceed on saving you money?

Our Cloud Cost Cleanup can be done 100 remotely and will take place in several phases. Short-term, Cloud Cost Cleanup will identify your savings potential and implement immediate measures.

We focus on huge-leverage opportunities, tailored to your situation. We will then work directly with your teams to optimize the costs of your cloud services.


  • Initially we will ensure our team is able to work, clarifying terms, scope of services and accounts we will include in our sweep, our process of cooperation, ...
  • We will determine a cost baseline, based on your current situation, cost structure, projects...
  • We will identify leverage as well as quick wins by systematic analysis of all relevant areas.
  • Straightforward measures will be deployed within the scope of the Cloud Cost Cleanup
  • If required, we can support you on making larger architectural and structural changes that yield long-term gains afterwards.

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Which aspects of your bill will be taken care of?

Besides our existing experience in building cost-efficient cloud architectures, our teams leverage a catalogue of assessments, we will systematically apply together with you. We work as part of an interdisciplinary team and can rely on the knowledge of experts in many fields. Among the aspects we cover are:


  • Unassigned, "dark" infrastructure
  • Underutilized infrastructure
  • Suboptimal storage/compute/services configuration
  • Gaps in your operational processes
  • Identification of anti-patterns
  • Evaluation of historically evolved (legacy) infrastructure

Our Team


Kai Herings

IT management processes

Nicolas Byl

Cloud mogul

Sebastian Jackel

Cloud & DevOps Specialist

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